What documents should I submit if I wish to renew my passport?

The regular requirements for the renewal of your passport are:

  • Your original old or expired passport;
  • Accomplished passport application form;
  • Photocopy of passport data page;
  • Photocopy of permanent resident card, work permit or record of landing; and
  • The passport processing fee of US$ 60.00 (Tk 5,220.00).

If you’re holding a brown passport, you should submit documentary proof of your complete middle name (original and one photocopy) in addition to the above requirements. You may present your birth certificate, baptismal certificate, landing papers or your driver’s license as documentary proof of middle name.

What documents does a dual citizen submit in order to apply for a new passport?

Applicants who have recently become dual citizens (by virtue of Republic Act 9225) and are applying for a new Philippine passport should submit the above requirements, a photocopy of their Bangladeshi/Sri Lankan/Maldivian passport and citizenship ID, birth certificate, and marriage certificate (if applicable).

What documents should a minor applicant submit to obtain a passport?

Minors (under 18 years) applying for their first passport should personally appeared with both parents and submit the following documents:

  • Birth certificate;
  • Marriage certificate of parents;
  • Letter from physician who delivered the child attesting to the delivery or medical record of the child from the hospital where he/she was delivered (if physician can no longer be located);
  • Original and photocopies of passport data pages of both parents; and
  • Letter of consent signed by both parents (Letter of consent must be notarized by a notary public or barrister, if only one or neither parent can appear in person)
  • Accomplished Report of Birth form in triplicate.

What documents should I submit if I wish to apply for a replacement for a lost passport?

When applying for a replacement passport, you should also submit the following documents:

  • Police Report or Case Certificate;
  • Duly-accomplished Affidavit of Loss of Passport (may be accomplished at Philippine Embassy for separate fee);
  • Duly-authenticated Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate (if applicable), in addition to another legal document showing your name and date and place of birth; and
  • Photocopy of your lost or destroyed passport, if available.
  • Duly-authenticated death certificate of spouse or annulment/divorce order if these are applicable in your case

Can I apply for renewal of passport through an authorized representative?

No, all applicants whether for the renewal of a passport or those applying for the first time MUST appear personally before a Consular Officer for the capturing of the biometrics of the ePassport.

How do I pay for my passport fees?

The Embassy accepts only payment in cash for any consular applications made.

When will I receive my new passport?

The Consular staff will advise you of the date of release of your new passport.

Normally, however, in comparison to the green passports, there is a longer turn-around time of 30 to 40 days from date of application to the date when the applicant can receive his/her ePassport.

At present, the passports are being produced centrally in the Philippines, by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Manila, unlike before when the green passports were being manually scripted and laminated in the Embassy.

What should I do if I wish to change from my married name to my maiden name in my passport?

Only female applicants who have been widowed or whose marriage has been dissolved through annulment or divorce (provided the conditions surrounding the divorce are recognized under Philippine law) can apply for a change from married name to maiden name.

If the change of name applied for is a result of the death of the husband, the duly authenticated death certificate or the Court Order in case of presumptive death should be submitted in addition to the basic requirements.

If the application for a change of name is due to the dissolution of the marriage, a duly authenticated copy of the annulment/divorce decree or order should be submitted.

Please refer also to the Amendment of Passport page of this website under Consular Menu in the Homepage for further details.

Can I choose NOT to use my husband’s surname in my passport?

You may choose not to use your husband’s surname in your passport provided that you have not used it in your passport before.

In this case, you should submit a duly-accomplished affidavit that you have opted to use your maiden name

In the absence of a travel document, what can a Filipino citizen use as his identification?

In case he is still waiting for the release of his new passport, given that validity of his old/current passport has expired, he can use the Overseas Filipino Registration (OFR) ID as identification which is issued by the Philippine Embassy.  It is usually issued to Filipino residing/working in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Maldives upon his registration with the Embassy.

The Overseas Filipino Registration (OFR) ID is issued for free, except in cases where a previously issued OFR ID is lost, in which case, payment for the notarization of an Affidavit of Loss will be charged.

For Filipinos who have not yet registered themselves with the Embassy, they may do so by accomplishing the electronic Overseas Filipino Registration Form in this website.  OFR ID will be available for release after two (2) working days upon submission of the OFR Form.