• It is important for Filipinos abroad to promptly register with the Embassy the birth of a child so that it can be registered with the Office of the Civil Registrar General in Manila.
  • When a child is born abroad to parents who are both Filipino citizens or to one (1) parent who is a Filipino citizen, i.e. one who has not been naturalized as a citizen of a foreign country, the child’s birth must be immediately reported to the Philippine Embassy, Philippine Honorary Consulates which exercises jurisdiction over the place of birth (in Bangladesh, Maldives or Sri Lanka).
  • Ideally, the birth must be reported within twelve (12) months after its occurrence.
  • When the parents neglect to report the birth within twelve (12) months, the birth may, still be recorded upon the determination of the consular officer of satisfactory evidence on the authenticity of the report and the given explanation surrounding the delay in reporting the birth.

Requirements and Steps:

  1. Four (4) original duly accomplished Report of Birth Form should be executed by at least one of the parents or the attending physician or nurse.  When the birth is reported in person, the Report of Birth will be sworn to before a consular officer.
  2. The original copy of the child’s Certificate of Birth issued by local health authorities must be presented. The Birth Certificate should also be reproduced in quadruplicate (four copies).  The document must be authenticated by the Foreign Ministry in the country (Bangladesh, Maldives or Sri Lanka).
  3. A copy of the Philippine passport(s) of Filipino parent(s) must be submitted, also reproduced in quadruplicate (four copies), in order to determine Filipino citizenship.
  4. A copy of the marriage license or marriage certificate of parents, reproduced in quadruplicate (four copies).
  5. Processing fee of Tk 2,125.00
  6. A Report of Birth attaching the documents will then be transmitted by the Embassy to the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila.  DFA Manila will then send it to the Office of the Civil Registrar General of the Philippines for registration and recording.
  7. The whole process takes an average of six (6) months, after which you can get your NSO certified Birth Certificate.